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“How to make money online?(Legit way)”

When you have some free time and are enlightened to make use of time in the right way, I am pretty sure the first thing you typed on google was, “How to make money online?”. Don’t judge me, I have been wrong before, but my hunch is you probably want to make money online from the comfort of your home or from where ever you are. I will be talking more about side gig/beer money/UHRS/ Referrals/ Affiliates and many more here… People call it with many names. 🙂

After watching a few videos on Youtube, I became a clickbait for data entry jobs and realized that these are nothing but scams. If you are here, I presume this happened to you as well. Didn’t it? At this point, most people give up! To be honest, this is not your fault. There is no one to guide you and support you, which is why I started this post. Believe me, there are thousands of ways to make money online.

I had been asked by many people like, how to make some money other than a job by professionals, whereas from homemakers I had been asked like I want to make at least 10k per month. and whether you are a college student or someone who’d like to earn at home. This post can help you with that. Ya, it’s possible but takes time. Making money online is bliss, you get to do things when you like, however you like, and how much you want to. The only limit is your potential and well the right path.

Throughout your journey on the path to earn an income online, you might have come across a lot of scams. There would also have been websites that are not available for your country (Trust me, I can feel the pain just writing these two sentences). There is no single keystroke that would just make you believe everything there is on this website. Still, you can try out with a few sites I recommend and work your way up slowly building that trust with me. 🙂 During my journey, I came across several resources that aid in making money online. I will be sharing all those experiences with you here.

I have sleek experience in making a side income online from the place that is your comfortable spot. I welcome you on this journey to help yourself as well as others by supporting yourself. I will help you reach those goals, and I wish you happy earning!

This will be the list of working and verified sites.

Before that, Paypal is a must if you want to make money from most of these websites if you are clueless about it check out my upcoming post.

Testing Sites

Website/ AppHow to earnGuidePayment ProofSign-up Bonus
Test BirdsTestingPendingPaypalEarn Community Points

I will add more testing sites and other sites to this post. keep watching this space. 🙂


Website/ AppHow to earnGuidePayment ProofSign-up Bonus
ClickWorkerTranscripts, tasks, UHRS (categorizing), surveysPendingNANA

More to come here.

Passive (desktop & mobile)

Website/ AppHow to earnGuidePayment ProofSign-up Bonus
Gartner ReviewsFor every software review, using my link, you will get a 25$ gift card.
Once your review is published, you will receive a $25 gift card.Use professional email only to signup.
NAGartner Reward25$
G2 ReviewsAround $5-$15 per review. Reviewing niche software may earn you $25 per review. Use professional email only to signup.NAG2 Reward
HoneyGainDesktop & mobile phone bandwith sharing (wifi + data)NANA5$
PacketStreamIt’s a Peer-to-peer proxy network. Packeters are compensated for sharing bandwidth on the PacketStream network and allowing users all over the world have access to content on the internet through our secure networkNANANA
IProyalAnother Proxy network to share your internet and make additional cash.NANANA

More to come here.

If you are ready to invest your time, then come on, let’s change the traditional methods of money-making by breaking the regular chain.

Forget rupees, you can earn in dollars without sacrificing the comfort of your home. These are tried and tested by me personally.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. What do you think? Did you find it interesting? If Yes, give a like and Let me know by sharing your comments.

I can help you Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways, head over to my profile here – https://testwitharjun.com/about/ to get more info.

Thanks for reading and Happy Earning!!!

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