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What I Do


I Coach.

I help people…I’m teaching tech folks to cut through the noise, find their dream job and be successful in their testing career. I realized that the only way to make an impact on my life is to serve other people and focus on sharing my experience through coaching, speaking, and writing.

I Speak.

I Spent 10+ years of researching, learning, and implementing strategies that helped me find my true passion and started attending many testing conferences. now planning for a speaking session.

I Write.

I write about my musing about testing and Before this website came to life, my effort was spread across LinkedIn, Facebook, Skype, Blogger, Quora, and emails. My online portfolio was spread across these channels. I intend to use this website as a one-stop source for all my articles, test reports, and everything about my professional learning.

Need Advice?

Research suggests that an average person spends one-third of their life at work.  So ask me how can be more productive and achieve more and test better.

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My Story

I’m a Test Automation Architect having 10+ years of experience in the industry. I specialize in creating software test automation solutions for a variety of web and native applications (IOS and Android), using open source tools and frameworks (e.g. selenium, appium). I have solid experience in a few mainstream programming languages… Java, Python (not so mainstream, but cool IMHO) but I am a fast learner who thinks about the big picture. I’m also well versed in the CI/CD process ( Github/bitbucket, Jenkins) with respect to Enterprise and Cloud hosted infrastructures. I am an avid promoter of innovation and best practices in the software engineering and testing field. I am a tech guy from Bangalore, India, interested in all technology, not just code. I like to spend my time thinking about and working on interesting ideas, meeting interesting people, and contributing to projects I care about. Recently started working on ROKU Working on OTT Media domain Manual Testing+ Test Automation – Roku Webdriver/Roku JavaScript Library.

I love brainstorming and implementing my crazy ideas to figure out ways to improve product quality. Having a blend of QA & DevOps mindset, I strive to bridge the gaps between all the teams to attain the best results and achieve more.

Arjun B M